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1. Which of the following is the highest source of greenhouse gas emissions in Canada?

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Canada's GHG emissions come from burning oil & gas (45%), transportation (28%), agriculture (8%), leaks and unintended emissions (8%), garbage and wastewater (3.5%).

2. Cities are generally more environmentally friendly than suburban neighborhoods.

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There are many reasons why cities are more environmentally friendly. Some of the reasons include shorter travel distances, better access to public transportation, cities encourage cycling and walking, and smaller residences require less energy.

3. Avoiding meat and dairy is one of the best ways to reduce your environmental impact on the planet.

meat and dairy
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While you don't have to give up meat and dairy completely, shifting to a more plant-based diet will help reduce global greenhouse gas emissions, air and water pollution, deforestation, habitat destruction and wildlife extinction.

4. How much garbage did the world produce in 2012?

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The world produced 1.7 billion tonnes of garbage in 2012. The number has not only increased since then, but the majority of it (44%) comes from OECD countries.

5. Which of the following countries produces the largest amount of garbage per capita ?

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Oh Canada! Canada produces the most garbage per capita in the developed world, ahead even when compared to the United States and Australia. Overall, Canada ranks poorly in terms of environmental sustainability due to our inefficient use of resources.

6. How many premature deaths does air pollution cause in Canada each year?

air pollution
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7,700 premature deaths are caused by air pollution related illnesses in Canada each year! This is costing Canadians $36 billion annually.

7. Renewable energy investment is great for the environment, but it damages the local economy.

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The renewable energy sector actually boosts the economy by creating more jobs and improving overall social welfare!

8. Other than big oil, which of the following industries is the 'dirtiest'?

industry pollution
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The fashion industry is the second 'dirtiest' industry due to its tremendous carbon footprint. The industry uses an extravagant amount of natural resources and pollutes the environment with pesticides and toxic dyes.

9. The best way to solve plastic pollution is to increase recycling efforts.

recycling plastic
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On the contrary, more recycling won't solve plastic pollution. The real solution is to stop manufacturing single-use plastic altogether and to avoid using them as much as we can.

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