Net Zero Home
A home is fully net-zero when it produces enough clean energy to offset yearly consumption. (Photo by Reid’s Heritage Homes)

What Is A Net Zero Home?

Homeowners in Ontario pay a lot for their electricity and heating. On a yearly basis, the average homeowner in Ontario will pay over $2 500 for their electricity and heating costs and these costs are not going down anytime soon. A net-zero home is a home that is more energy efficient than a traditional home and has fewer electric/heating costs. Net-zero homes are now being integrated with solar to enable homeowners to create and use their own renewable green energy.

Net-Zero Homes
Net-zero homes are more green, energy efficient, and can sell at a premium. (Photo courtesy Reid’s Heritage Homes)

Net-Zero Success

Reid’s Heritage Homes (picture of a home on the left) made a few net-zero homes to see how they would sell, and the results were very positive. All of the homes sold within the regular time-span of a traditional house, and at a premium of 10%. Because of this success, Reid’s Heritage Homes will now build all of their homes as net-zero. These net-zero homes are being integrated with solar so the homes can be more green, energy efficient, and sell at a premium of 10%-15%, increasing the home’s value by about $35 000.00.

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