How Efficiency Increases A Home’s Value

A home in Quispamsis, near Saint John, New Brunswick, went for sale on the market in June of 2017. But this wasn’t an ordinary home; this home had a customized solar system on its roof. The net-zero certified home went on the market for $695 750.00. The home is so efficient that it sends more energy to the grid on an average basis than it consumes. The 3-bedroom house is powered by 44 rooftop-mounted solar panels. The nearly $700 000.00 price tag is over $100 000.00 higher than the average home in the same area, making the home’s value 15% more than the homes nearby. The government incentive for renewable solar energy in New Brunswick is Net Metering, the same as Ontario. The New Brunswick Home is the best single example of how solar can increase a home’s value and potential selling price.

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New Brunswick Net-Zero Home
This house in Quispamsis, near Saint John, is designed to generate more electricity than it consumes on average throughout the year. (Jericho Knopp)

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